On December 19, 2014 Ukrainian Women's Fund conducted the meeting with its urgent grants winners. Our coleagues from 16 organizations, who were awarded with the urgent grants, presented their projects, learned about principles of collaboration with the Fund, reporting requirements and signed the grant contracts. We wish them successful implementation of their projects!
Ukrainian Women's Fund announced the results of urgent grants competition. We congratulate grants winners and hope for efficient projects implementation. We are grateful to our international partners for possibility to support projects of Ukrainian women's organizations.
On December 5, 2014 Ukrainian Women's Fund conducted the meeting for its grantees - newly created coalitions, which received grants within the two years' project "Creating the colaitions of HIV-servicing organizations and organizations working to prevent gender based violence". Within the project HIV-servicing and women's organizations created coalitions and joined their efforts to impact on solution of the problrms of gender based violence and HIV/AIDS. The projct is implemented with the support of USAID.
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Ukrainian Woman's Fund


International charitable organization founded in 2000. The UWF provides civil society organizations (CSOs) from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus with financial, information and consultation support.


To promote human rights and fundamental freedoms of citizens by strengthening CSOs;
To attract more resources to support civil society by developing a culture of philanthropy in Ukraine;
To facilitate the consolidation of women’s movement as an integral part of civil society in Ukraine, as well as in Moldova and Belarus;
To enhance public participation in decision making on different levels;
To increase public attention to issues of diversity and gender.


We strive to assist CSOs, specifically to women’s CSOs, to play an active role in the processes of democratization of society and to contribute to  equality, justice and respect to human rights by supporting the civil society development with financial opportunities.