On August 20-21, a strategic session of the Women’s Leadership Academy was held to create the network of participants. 42 participants took part in the session, these same participants were involved in the training of the 1st and 2 Academy that was held in the past and the current year.
The Ukrainian Women's Fund announced a series of competitions for NGOs and is currently having introductory meetings in the regions to tell potential partners of possible cooperation. Recently, many new NGOs have emerged amid the war in the east.
The Ukrainian Women's Fund under the pilot project "Internally displaced persons in three cities of Ukraine: plans, prospects, opportunities for reconciliation" has decided to support the projects of 12 organizations from Vinnytsya, Kyiv, and Severodonetsk.
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Ukrainian Woman's Fund


International charitable organization founded in 2000. The UWF provides civil society organizations (CSOs) from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus with financial, information and consultation support.


To promote human rights and fundamental freedoms of citizens by strengthening CSOs;
To attract more resources to support civil society by developing a culture of philanthropy in Ukraine;
To facilitate the consolidation of women’s movement as an integral part of civil society in Ukraine, as well as in Moldova and Belarus;
To enhance public participation in decision making on different levels;
To increase public attention to issues of diversity and gender.


We strive to assist CSOs, specifically to women’s CSOs, to play an active role in the processes of democratization of society and to contribute to  equality, justice and respect to human rights by supporting the civil society development with financial opportunities.